Friday, November 27, 2009

chapter 14: An Awful Present

So I thought everything’s gonna be alright, but a new problem just approached and is swiftly spreading like a contagious deadly being-killing disease!

Saturday, I woke up doing the same routine for almost 2 months. I stare and stare at Nate’s sweet message saved on my phone. I had not the courage to delete it or maybe because I enjoyed seeing it. Actually, after the days that passed since our last talk, I felt much better because I am beginning to sense my real old self again, the happy me who was not in any trouble. Maybe just a little more time and I can move on from everything that happened. Sometimes, I wonder why I got angry with Nate, why I did not understand him more. And then maybe, maybe all of us will never experience and will have to endure pain. But I can’t change anything of what has already happened because everything is fated right? Right, Sanyu.

Since there was no homework to be done this weekend I’ve got nothing to spend my time to so I decided to look on my album composed of my memories when I was still in Japan. Then I began to smile when I saw the pictures of Aya, Maki and Mao’s pictures with me. We we’re like children who was very problem-free in those memories. I remember I was having too much fun with them… chatting. And then I flipped to another page. The picture I saw used to be a very good and sweet memory but now is as bitter as the present. I started wondering, is Taro-kun lonely I fled away or did he celebrate because there will never me who’ll haunt him till he agrees to come back. But no, I will not come and beg for him. Let him be alone. Oh but I’m sure he had and is still rejoicing every single moment of his freedom to flirt every girl he’s seeing. God, I should stop thinking about useless things.

Seeing my friends’ pictures abroad, I remembered to check my e-mail to reply to their messages I haven’t read for about a month already. And there was an e-mail for me sent by Mao. I had great time reading her funny notes about their festival in Japan. That was something that I was really missing because compared to my old country, there was so many festivals I can participate unlike here in Algona. But what really caught me was her last sentence.

Yo Sanyu! Do-shita? Guess, we gift to you in Algona. (Hi Sanyu, What’s happening?Guess what, we’ve got a gift for you to be delivered there in Algona .)

Gosh, they really suck in English. But what is more alarming is that they have a gift for me. and what kind of present could that be? I wish it wouldn’t something I wouldn’t regret receiving because sometimes, their presents are really weird. I don’t know what kind of taste they have but it sucks. But better to have something than nothing, right? I just have to be thankful.

“Good morning Sanyu!” Courtney exclaimed when she saw me walking in the entrance early morning. It was something I become used to since I started to avoid Nate.

“Yeah, o-ha-you Yuu,” Audrey syllabicated the Japanese word she learned. She was studying my language now because she wanted to understand what’s going on whenever I answer an overseas call. She’s much of a gossiper.

“A pleasant morning guys, so what’s new?” I asked wanting to know what’s behind their jolliness in the early morning of the day.

“Nothing,” Courtney shortly replied which was shocking because I was used to her unlimited story telling.

“Well if you really want to know something Yuu, you’ll just fail because there is really nothing special today even if we want to.” Audrey defended Courtney when she saw me giving Court spying eyes.

“Fine. But I’ll found it out too eventually.” I challenged. Then the bell rang too so we went tour own classes and met up during lunch period.

“Yo, yo, yo! Look who’s here Sanyu, yo!” Eric asked and made fun of me. True there was a familiar face who was someone I wished I’ll never meet again and was unbelievably sitting on our table with my friends now.

“This friend of yours taught us Japanese words. Wow Yuu, you’re language is pretty difficult.” April whispered to me on my ear.

“Sanyu,” the man began “watashi-no sei shitteru. Kimi-nashi-ja ikirare-nai. Mo… ichido… yarinaosenai?” (Sanyu, I know it was my fault. I can’t live without you. Can’t we start again?)

“Taro, suteki-na omoide-o arigato. Demo, mo anata-ni kyomi-ga nai-no. Mo aishitenai!” (Taro, thanks for the beautiful memories. But, I’m not interested in you anymore. I don’t love you anymore.)

“Hey, hey. Sorry to interrupt but, you two can speak English right? Can you be more sensitive to us?” Audrey broke the silence.

“Sorry,” was all I could say.

“Uhm, sorry but that was something that had to be private so I didn’t think any of you needed to know anything. I didn’t know it can’t be done.” Taro replied.

“Oh then, sorry because I understood every single detail of your conversation. You know, I am studying your language. And I understood too that you tried to get Yuu back but she rejected you!” Audrey retorted.

“Uhm Yuu, can I talk with you?” Nathan asked, absolutely at the wrong time.

“Uh…Nate, later please?” I pleaded. I was hoping he would agree and just go, go!


““She said later, who are you?” Taro asked with a cold voice from behind.

“I should be the one asking. You’re on my territory.” Nate answered with even more colder… and handsomer voice to die for.

“Taro and my territory is in Japan. I’m Sanyu’s boyfriend.” Taro proudly said. I saw Nathan raised his right eyebrow.

“Ex-boyfriend you mean.” I added quickly so that Nathan won’t think of me as a flirt.

“Doesn’t matter sweetie, I’ll make sure we’ll be together again.” Taro promised.

“You better wish that hard because right now, the rate of that happening is absolutely zero percent.” Nate interrupted.

“What do you care. I don’t care if this is your country. You’re a nuisance here so could you just go.” Taro fought back.

“Hey now, I don’t see you have something to do here. You don’t even study here so what right do you have?”

“Moron, are you blind? Here’s a visitor pass I’m wearing.”

“Well dimwitted fish, I am definitely not blind because I am seeing an ugly fish out of his aquarium right now that’s absolutely nothing to compare with me.”

“Stop, will you? He’s right Taro,” Nate then shook his jacket proudly. “You are not my boyfriend nor… are you… Nathan.” I saw Nate realizing that he had no right too. He then put his hands on his pants’ pockets and turned his head to the right with his teeth clenched.

“Yeah, I know that…” Nate replied. “I have to go, I forgot I had to do... something. Bye.” Nathan evaded leaving away from the banging doors clearly heard because of the silence.

“Piece of cake, he went away already. Sanyu don’t you-”

“Why are you here?” I interrupted. “It was never in my plan to see you again.”

“Oh, that’s a harsh one my beauty.”

“Well I’m sorry beast, I forgot you were the mighty ignorant fish.”

“Rather than beast, aren’t I you’re prince charming my little Cinderella?”

“O shut up Taro. I don’t care what fairytale you're gonna use. All I know is that I don’t love you anymore!”

“Nande?” (Why?)

“Because there is somebody I am in love so much and it is not you.” I replied.

“Is it him?”

“Whoever I am in love with, it is none of your business because we are not even friends.”

“ANATA-GA HOSHII!” (I want you.)

“But I don’t want you. Mo owari-yo. Shitsukoku shinai-de onegaisimasu!” (It’s over. Don’t be persistent please!)

“You know I don’t accept defeat. And I get what I want! ” Taro left but I’m not worried by him.
I’m worried about Nathan. What will he say or think of me from all the things I’ve said. O god, what stupid mouth I have! So I thought everything’s gonna be alright, but a new problem just approached and is swiftly spreading like a contagious deadly being-killing disease!

I opened my e-mail to reply about the very awful gift I just received this day. I was eager to write when I notice I had a new message. And guess what from who it came. The sender was Nathan Hale. Here’s what he said:

Dearest Sanyu,

Whatever happened today, I’m sorry for my immaturity. I know it wasn’t proper for me to fight verbally with your… ex-boyfriend. But I mean, you know, he was out of his place. Acting that very boastful trait when he was not even your boyfriend anymore. You know Yuu, I don’t care if you can’t return this unrequited feelings of mine for you. But I beg you. I know this isn’t right. But if you’ll get into a new relationship please let it be not with him. But what right do I have… I’ve pained you more than I know. After those months, my feelings for you haven’t changed even a bit. You are still the most special girl I could only approve of. I love you and even though it sounds so cheesy, you make my mind crazy and so tired because it keeps working and thinking, thinking nothing but you. My mind tells me to leave you alone so I can give piece of mind. But my heart begs me to be selfish and just kiss you, hug you and cuddle you more in my arms until I get tired but that would never happen because I love you so much that just by simply leaning a finger to you is like a light sparkling and electrifying me. And finally, do you k now what my hypothalamus commands me to do? It orders me to kill your ex. Kidding, but if I’ll have your permission, then I’ll gladly bring him to hell :)). And secondly, my hypothalamus wants me to love you more each day. I could no longer live in a world where you don’t exist. Because where you aren’t found is where living hell is found. That’s what I’ve experienced when you returned to Japan and I was able to live on because all I thought about those years is what I’ll do once you return to Algona. And what I realize is that once I get hold of you, I’ll never release you. Bring on the shackles I don’t care. I’ll be a glad prisoner of yours! And maybe he knows you more but I’m sure I know the real loving you better. I’ll be by your side whatever happens, whoever you choice will be, it won’t matter to me because for me, you’ll only be the girl I’ll be longing for forever and the one for me, may it be good or bad, I don’t really care. Because all I know is that I am very much in love with you for years already. I think I got carried away. So I just want to say… bye.
I know you’re smart, you'll; figure this out.

134-19-1-14-25-22. sio_ ¬<3 123_ ST_V $ 44ever.

Loving you dearly; your prisoner,

I decoded his message which was very simple. I love you Sanyu. My love for you is for forever. Same here nate, but how can we fight for our love now that it got more complicated! Now that it came to worst! I don’t know what to do but I had to appreciate his effort in sending that long message. So I replied:

Thanks for your sweet message. I feel... sorry.

Ugly Duckling,

to be continued.

Monday, September 21, 2009

chapter 13: Fragile Human Beings

I felt like I was a newbie here in Algona again. But the
difference was it was gloomier. No it wasn’t; it was still the same. It was me
who made it change from my point of view.

I woke up earlier than the usual because I know Nate would fetch me up but I was just a big coward to face him so I was avoiding every chance to be with him. In fact, I even erased his phone number on my cellular phone. My mother was even surprised because it never came to her senses that I would rise up from my bed by myself. To her, I am the present sleeping beauty but different from Aurora not the other fairytale princesses. Why? Because I act like a brave and tough one but the truth is, simple words can easily shatter me down. I’d be a history, the greatest coward of all time: Sanyu Hyuuga.

Week has ended and hurray, I barely survived. I should forget and forgive but I can’t. Not trusting me is what I hate the most, how could he? Damn, if I didn’t forget to bring that freaking album with me, there would be no trouble, no trouble at all! But I know I can’t evade him for forever. Then my phone rang. I was so sure that I won’t answer it if it was Nathan. But no I wasn’t which gave me a relief because it meant that my conscience won’t conquer me. Good thing it was Audrey.

“Hey Sanyu! I think we need a little freshening up. What do you say you, me and Courtney get a coffee? Well actually, we’re here already. Just like our first meeting.” Audrey offered.

“Great, just what I needed! Thanks, I’ll be right there.” I then wore a problem-free smile.

I was alternating the English Alphabet and the counting numbers to avoid thinking of any other while I was busy riding on my bike. I felt like I was a newbie here in Algona again. But the difference was it was gloomier. No it wasn’t; it was still the same. It was me who made it change from my point of view.

Actually, I hated the place we were meeting to. It was where I and Nate had something more than friends. It was something I half wish it never happened. I entered in the cafeteria having a brave face to appear before Audrey and Courtney.

“Hey guys! You know what? Even though we’re almost always together, I am really missing you!” I began upon reaching their table. What I’ve said was just so true because I know I’m always with them in school yet I know my mind was occupied by unnecessary things.

“O Yuu, I miss you too!” Courtney then rose up from her chair and gave me a bear hug that felt like she was sorry.

“True Sanyu, we’ve missed you too because we’re you’re best friends. That is why we’re sorry we have to do this. But I know you’ll eventually forgive us too. Or you might even thank us. Bye Yuu!” Audrey bid goodbye. I was going to shout after them. But they were briskly walking and then I knew I was set…

“Sanyu? What is the avoidance for? Take a seat and talk.” Nathan question and commanded from behind. Even though I wanted to run away, I took a seat because I was frightened by his cold voice. When our eyes met, he then thundered questions.

“After that wonderful night, I thought everything was alright. What happened for you to ignore me? Answer me.”Nate continued with the cold yet grieving voice.

“I… I feel unworthy to be trusted.” I answered hesitantly and honestly looking at the placemat of our table.

“What? How could you think yourself of that? You are the person I would never hid a secret, even one!”

“Liar.” I retorted shockingly.

“Huh?” Nathan was then astonished.

“That line was a lie. You have hid a secret from me since I moved here in Algona.” I started feeling brave again. I knew this was the chance I was waiting for, to finally make peace out of me.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about Yuu.” Nate frowned.

“You never told me that you were my childhood best friend. You never shared that secret, ‘Hey, Sanyu! I’ve missed you, remember? Nathan Hale? You’re childhood best friend?’ Did you?” I emphasized giving bitter feelings in every single word.

“Because I thought you forgot about it.”

“Why did you think I have forgotten about those precious moments?”

“Because you never replied on my messages through the net.”

“… But why didn’t you ask me first before having that grumpy act on me?” I paused at first realizing my fault then I countered back.

“Because I thought you’ve changed.”

“Everyone changes! I changed and so do you! You think I won’t recognize that you were my childhood best friend if you were that sweet young child still?”

“I’m sorry Yuu. I know I should have told you earlier. But I’m just human too, I get scared too. That’s why I told you to look at your album, the one I gave years ago.”

“Yeah… and I’m just a normal nothing-special human being too, Nate. I feel weak and unworthy too. I’m fragile I hope you know.”

“I’m sorry I knew that later than I should have. Can’t we fix it, Yuu?” Nate begged for another shot.

“I’m still in touch by you. But I don’t think we should get back this fast. We should learn more… Maybe we should get back to frenemies and maybe someday… or not.” I refused.

“I can’t change your mind can I?” I then shifted my face to the left. “I guess… I should leave now.”

And there he walked away. I wanted to stop him but I know that would be wrong. I have to become more me again. I have to recover myself to be able to love myself before I could love him again. Aud and Court then rushed to me, eager to ask.

“What happened? We saw Nathan driving away. Did the two of you have had a bad chat?” Courtney asked curiously.

“Well… yeah we had. But don’t worry guys. It only means that we’ll have more time together.” I replied trying to be cheerful.

“O Sanyu, stop. You’ll just hurt yourself more. Stop pretending. And Court, stop asking.” Audrey advised then the two of them gave a warm friendly cuddly hug. The hug I wouldn’t exchange for any other.

“Well, I’ll just see you guys on Monday, I want to go home already. O and yeah, I forgive you and I am thankful for giving us the chance to talk. I love you guys!”

I then briskly walked towards my bicycle. I paddled fast to get home in no time. And when I did, I went into my room. And there, I sulked again. Man, I’m so unlucky with love! Two heartbreaks in a row, isn’t that just awful? I wish love just never existed… or maybe not. I was about to fall asleep when I heard my message alert tone. There showed a number that wasn’t an entry on my phone. It was Nate. Dang, I forgot I had memorized his number.

Yuu, I respect your decision. But… I will never give up on you until you
have given us up. I will never stop loving you. I promise to never disturb you
if you’ve find another love. And I won’t let that happen because you are the
reason worth living for. DAISUKI.

And I had my mouth opened for a minute. Next thing I knew, I was sleeping holding tightly on my phone.

to be continued.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

chapter 12: Puppy Nerd

One by one, the vivid and gleaming smile turned into a shaky pout and the shimmering eyes turned teary-eyed. My hands, my feet were trembling.

As I entered the house, I was wearing a vivid and gleaming smile. It felt like grinning over a malicious stuff. Then my mom interrupted my fascinating daydream.

“Are you going to eat dear?” My mom asked playfully.

“No, I am full. I’ve eaten already.” I replied still having my left eye shimmer.

“What happened to your eye, miss?” mom won’t let me off when I get myself damaged. I was like gold to her.

“I was daydreaming about… my friends in Japan then I caught off guard and fell on the ground.” It was a combination of truth and lie.

“O, okay. You sure you don’t want anything?”

“I only want Na… nothing mom, I’m really satisfied.” Shoot, that was close.

“Just tell me if you want me to bring you a snack.” Mom finished.

I went to my room and jump off to my bed and hid my face with the pillow. I was reminiscing all that happened when Nathan dropped me off. When we were just of short distance then I closed my eyes. I thought his lips were going to lean to mine but to my injured right eye. What were his words? O, right. Take care. Call me as soon as you see the album. Album… where have I kept it? Hmm, I remember now! I kept it under my bed. I jumped down from my bed and raised the foam to get the album. There, there it was having its same features still. I have kept it with great skills. No doubt, I am a treasure keeper.

I opened the album and saw my pictures when I was just at grade school. In most of the pictures, it is very much noticeable that I was with a male classmate. I can now remember, he was my best friend, my first crush, the first male I felt affection for. But there were no captions here so I can’t tell his name anymore. Maybe he had moved away already in Algona. If he was studying at the same school with me and confesses that he still loves me… o boy! I don’t know who will I choice between him and Nathan.

Look at the last page. I remember Nathan saying that usually, there’s a message left by the giver at the last page. I turned the album to the last page. There was a small envelope taped on the last page, I opened it and picked the white paper folded into four. Here is the note:

Dear Bunny Geek,
I know you’ll be reading this once you’re in Japan. I’m going to miss you a lot not because I have confessed to you that I like you as I said before giving this album. But because you are my best and greatest friend I’ve had. You were my flower that once I see, I get very inspired by its beauty. I wish you’ll be back soon, tomorrow? Just kidding. I’ve fooled the internet and got myself an e-mail address( Add me up so we can update ourselves with each other’s funny stories.

Missing you always,
Puppy Nerd

I read it again and kept telling myself that I was just too happy about me and Nathan and that I just have an eye defect. But it was foolish. The email address of my childhood friend was really having the name Nathan Hale. I don’t know why but I feel anger, disappointment and betrayal. But worst of all, I feel like I am a person who’ve changed a lot that he can’t trust me to have an answer of the same as we were children. I just don’t know why? Why can’t he tell me directly or ask me if I was really the one? It felt like I was played, quite enjoyed.

I know I should be happy that my speculation can never happen because I can’t choose between people who are just the same. I can’t think of happiness anymore. One by one, the vivid and gleaming smile turned into a shaky pout and the shimmering eyes turned teary-eyed. My hands, my feet were trembling. It felt like I ran 50 miles and just stopped. My heart was palpitating fast like it was going to explode if don’t catch my breath. It was helpless. When I closed my eyes, it just started coming out. It was like a fountain that has broken and can’t stop flowing. I can’t think. All I know is we’ve got to talk but I don’t want to.

to be continued.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

chapter 12: Blind Date

The distance between us disappeared then. We don’t look strangers anymore. Instead, we seemed to be more of a couple now. I was so busy admiring the great ambiance that I didn’t notice… bump. I fell on the ground.

“Done,” Nathan assured me when the saleslady gave the item he bought wrapped in pink and blue paper to him.

“Mm, girly. I’ll bet, that’s a present for either your mom or Natalie, right?” I guessed.

“Wrong. And because you lost the bet, you’ll have to treat me to Madam Parfaits’, how’s that?” Nathan suggested.

“You’ve got a deal. Take the lead” I answered.

We went pass again to the boutiques of the girls who made me envious but there was no need for me to show a one-eyebrow-up look. The girls weren’t smiling so happily anymore. I knew the reason behind this, Nathan was not smiling back again to them anymore but was smiling now for another reason and he was even getting short glimpses of me. The distance between us disappeared then. We don’t look strangers anymore. Instead, we seemed to be more of a couple now. I was so busy admiring the great ambiance that I didn’t notice… bump. I fell on the ground.

“Hey, Sanyu, are you alright? Come on, say something!” Nathan was very concerned.

“Well I think I fell so I’m not that alright. My right eye got hurt the most. I can’t open it yet, it hurts.”

“Wow, what a date. My mate got a blind eye.”

“It’s alright. This is what you call blind date.” I joked hopelessly.

“Yeah whatever, let’s go to Madam Parfait’s and get you an ice for your eye.” He suggested.
And so he carried me. I didn’t know what was happening since I closed my eyes to ease the pain. This was the part that I hated the most. I can’t see how the ladies were very envy of me because I was being carried by Nathan Hale, a very handsome man in Algona.

“Here we are. So, get ready to have your allowance wretched.” He joked. We went inside and searched for a free table.

“Damn, don’t use all of it. I’m saving up, okay?” I answered. We then now sat at the back which was good so we’ll have what you call, privacy, if there is such thing.

“Hey, hey. You’re injured. I’d be sadistic if I still let you pay my share. I will pay the bill for tonight; after all, it’s sort of a date, right?” He offered.

“Really? Didn’t know you had a heart. Then be the one to prepare being wasted” I doubted jokingly. The waitress then came to get our order.

“I want a strawberry-banana sundae with caffeine in it.” Nathan ordered while looking on the menu.

“Mm, I don’t know what to order. I can’t see clearly because as you know, it is my first time here and is the first time I got my eye injured here. So would you please choose for me?” I asked for help.

“Well of course because I never left Algona that’s why I know the best here.” Ouch, that hit me hard. “Give her caramel deluxe with added cream and also, could you give us an ice bag, she got her eye an injury.”

“Okay, the ice creams will be served in five minutes. But I will be in my best speed to have you an ice bag for your date.” The waitress turned and moved away professionally.

“Hey Nate, if the ice cream you ordered is not of my taste, you’ll have to treat me lunch again in school, got that?”

“Stop making excuses, you just want to eat with me, don’t you?” Bingo, he caught me.

“You wish. I’m serious.” I gave a straight tone.

“Yeah I do wish that. And I’m serious about that.” He smiled to me. “You know, I should thank Natalie for planning this out. I never thought I’d be given a chance to have fun with you again. It’s so nice to have your company again like when we were…”

“Here is your ice bag ma’am and sir. I have also made your ice creams in no time. Enjoy our desserts” The waitress interrupted. Shoot, die now, die. She then turned away again.

“You were saying?” I asked, hoping that he would finish whatever he was saying.

“O, I forgot, sorry.” He smiled and changed the topic. “How’s your eye doing?”

“I think it would be okay by tomorrow, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Well that’s good to here.” Nate replied.

“So are we friends now or not still?” I asked.

“O, so you just want to be friends. I thought you wanted us to be exclusively dating.” He chuckled.

“Wow, very facebook-y.” I joked.

“But do you want or don’t you? I don’t think I’d be able to accept friends only.”

“Well, I do but in just one condition.” I requested. “Make Miranda stay away from us. I don’t want her threatening me.”

“That I don’t know if I could do anything. She’s helpless. But she’d get tired too now that I’m dating someone.” Nathan assured.

“Well I hope you’re right.”

“I’ve got a person to make her stay from us too. Will you not make notice of Drew Smith? I swear I’d kill him if he troubles you even though you refused being bothered by him.

“Hello, I’ve been ignoring his whole presence. He’s a sickness I can’t get rid off. If you can, can you talk to him, I can’t handle him anymore. He’s very annoying. O yeah, would you be on my side always because he’s always appearing beside me in school and I just can’t make him go.” I explained almost getting angry.

“Hey, hey chill. We don’t get charged by taking some time here. Don’t worry, we just have to show him that we’re an item and he’ll just get out of your… awful sight.” He kidded.

“You just wait, when I get my eyesight back, I’ll have yours harmed.” I ate a scoop of the ice cream. “O, this is so yummy. You’ve got a great choice! This is really good!”

“You liked it? Looks like I can’t get you for lunch, aw.” Nathan then frowned by the idea.

“You can join us during lunch time.” I offered.

“Join you with Courtney, Audrey and April? No way. I don’t want to join a girl talk.” He refused.

“We’re not all girls. Eric and Cedric Stan join us and we do have a lot of fun not talking about girls stuff.” I stated.

“I’ll think about it.” He was still hesitating. He was not used to these people I could guess.

“You are such a sore loser.” I groaned.

“It’s not that I don’t want to join you guys. I just don’t feel good air with that Cedric.”

“Why? Do you have a grudge on him or something?” I was curious. I know Cedric looks bad but he’s the opposite. Does he think that Cedric likes me? Impossible.

“I don’t have. It’s a secret you’ll have to know from somebody else.” He gave me my favorite grin.

“Fine, I’m sure I’ll know that. You just wait and see!”

“Yeah, yeah. I have a question. Do you have an album?” He asked me.

“Well yeah, a childhood friend of mine when we were Algona years back gave it to me but then I
forgot to bring it with me in Japan. So I don’t remember his face anymore.” I answered.

“O, so you didn’t forget him. Have you seen his pictures already when you got back here?” He asked.

“How did you know he was a male? Well, I haven’t but I will later. I’m too busy to remember it.”

“Uhm, I just guessed. Well I hope you won’t forget to open it. And look at the last page; they say people always leave a message there.”

“Alright, I will.” I replied. “You know it’s getting late. Can you take me home now? I don’t like going home late. I hate that.”

“O, alright. I’ll ride you home now.”
We then went inside his car now. It wasn’t as lively as it was in Madam Parfait’s anymore. We were more nervous and tensed by each other’s presence. Suddenly I felt someone touching my left hand. Nathan did it.

“I’m glad I have Natalie as my sister. She made me happy, very much indeed.” He answered.
My adrenaline was getting faster. I was speechless by him.

“Will you just drive? I don’t want to die at this young age, okay?”


No one then spoke anymore until we reached our house. He escorted me up to our doorstep, he was just behind me. I was about to touch our doorknob when he suddenly called me, so I turned back. I was then surprised because of the distance between our faces. It was like three centimeters only. I was too stunned so I closed my eyes. I was waiting. And then his cold soft lips leaned on my right eye.

“Take care. Here's a present for you. Call me as soon as you see the album.” He gave me the thing wrapped in blue and pink paper then he left with my favorite grin. It was official. We are now an item.

to be continued.

chapter 11: Natalie's Scheme

I was about to go inside but then I saw that Natalie wasn’t alone on the doorstep. I hid to do my favorite nasty hobby, eavesdropping.

Weeks have passed and it’s Saturday, thank God! Today’s supposed to be a rest day but nope it’s not. Why? It isn’t a day-off because Natalie Hale asked me to be her shopping partner for today and all I could say was, “Of course! Nattie, if you wish so, I will.”

Damn, too human to refuse. So here I am getting up now. I wore a white tee and my favorite high-waisted shorts for the purpose of me being comfortable. I ate my breakfast before I went to our little gathering so that I would be cheerful when I see her. We agreed to meet up at 10:30 am sharp in the cafĂ©. I rode on my bicycle and went straight there. I was about to go inside but then I saw that Natalie wasn’t alone on the doorstep. I hid to do my favorite nasty hobby, eavesdropping.

“It’s 10:30 am already Natalie. Tell me, are we really waiting for Smith?” Nathan asked, irritated.

“Yep, Don’t get impatient, she’ll arrive any second right now, I’m positive about that.” Natalie was looking at her watch trying to convince herself that there’s still some seconds left before I get late.

“She? Don’t tell me you’ve invited her!” Nathan was now agitated.

“O, I’m discovered.” Natalie realized that she slipped.

“Why on earth did you that?”

“Come on, trying to act tough on her aren’t you? You know you don’t hate her but you’re still trying to even though the truth is you can’t because you…”

“Because you know that it’s none of your business.” Nathan interrupted, “you don’t know how I feel nor think; we’re not twins!”

“Well, I’m always right. And right now, you don’t have a choice but to stay with me.” Natalie snapped.

Both of them went in now. I waited for some second before I did come inside too. Natalie waved at me and I pretended to be shocked that Nathan was there smirking by my existence.

“Good morning Natalie. You didn’t tell me you’d bring a pet with you. I should have brought a dog so that your pet would have someone to play with.” I teased.

“Yeah you should have told her Natalie because I’d rather be with a dog than to be with her company.” Nathan teased back.

“Stop acting like kids you two. The two of you are a dog and cat.” Natalie scolded us. I saw her dialing on her phone. Her phone then ringed.

“Hello mom? Yep. Mm, I see. Alright, alright, I’ll be right there. Bye, I love you.” Natalie talked.
“Where are you going?” I asked her.

“Mom needs my help so I better hurry and go home.”

“And who do you think you’re going with?” Nathan asked his sister.

“Myself. Say, do I need a chaperone to get myself home?” Natalie curtly replied.

“I’ve got nothing to do here, I’d go home with you. and you,” he pointed his face on me, “do whatever you want.”

“O sorry you can’t go with me. Mom is apologizing to you Sanyu because she has to have me now but she said that she won’t let you spend your time alone. She said that he’ll have my brother escort you.” Natalie grinned, “but don’t worry. As soon as I satisfy mom, I’ll be back.”She then disappeared.

“Great. I’m trapped with you. God, have I sinned too much for you to give me such punishment?” Nathan was obviously teasing me.

“Well if you haven’t noticed, you are an obnoxious rude lion-like man who’s making my every day suck.” I replied.

“Well if you’re geeky senses haven’t yet detected, you are an unbearable chagrining tigress-like woman who’s made the whole town sick.” He retorted. I was hurt by his words. It took a pause before I answered.

“Copycat,” was all I could say. He then sneered.

“It’s boring here; don’t you have a plan for this awful and pitiful date?” He asked.

“It’s not a date since we’re three. Natalie will come back for our shopping.” I corrected him.

“O, you haven’t figured it out? This is all her scheme. She planned out a date for the two of us.”
“Shit. You’re right. I’ll torture her, I will.” I swore.

“Now do you have something to buy or none? I want to get some ice cream at Madam Parfaits’.”

“Well I will buy an organizer, a big one. Could you show me where I could buy, the cheaper the better.”

“Well then I’ll lead the way.” Nathan offered.

We were walking together but we were of distance. We didn’t look like dating but we looked like two people who were going for the same location. I saw the girls smiling to Nathan and was annoyed that he smiled back to all of them. I was envy; he never smiled back to me whenever I gave him a friendly smile. I looked back to the girls and gave them a one-eyebrow-up look to frighten them up wherein I was very successful.

“Here we are DS crafts, where all things are cheap but come with great quality.” Nathan sounded like a tourist guide.

“Thanks, I’ll search as fast as I can so you could eat already.” I went in and so did Nathan follow. I found very cute neon green with some strokes of pink organizer but the size was just not enough. I chagrined by the thought that I can’t afford to buy two planners. So I opt for another organizer that was bigger but less cute than the first. Nathan seemed to got something that he needs too because he bought also. He even paid more because he asked the saleslady to wrap it based from what I saw. I wonder what that was and to whom will he give it.

to be continued.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chapter 10: His Sister, My Sister

I changed my red shirt into a green one. When I got out of the cubicle to check what I look like, Natalie was waiting and was grinning at me. She wanted a talk that’s why she came along.

I woke up by myself around 6:00 am which was new because I always want to get more sleep. There was something inside of me boiling, itching and for whatever reason, is excited. But there is something I am very positive, it is not definitely because of playboy Drew Smith. Just thinking of him gives me the chills. For these three days that has passed, he was always popping, appearing anywhere beside me in any way. Maybe if I had a voodoo doll, I've gave him irremovable pimples on the nose so that he’d never show his ugly face again to me.

School wasn’t that hard because our lessons back in Japan are way more advanced than here in Algona. Maybe I’ll just have a thorny time complying because I am too messy. Too untidy that you could compare me to a snake leaving its old skin anywhere it wishes to. And the person who’s giving me a very difficult time is Nathan Hale. He doesn’t talk back again to me nor jokes around with me since I returned his polo. And he doesn’t even tease me. He just talks to me when it’s needed or it’s related with club activities. Screw him. I’m just being friendly. Audrey and Courtney don’t know what to feel for me but it looks like there’s someone who’s very happy about it. No other less than Miranda Vane. But still, I can’t wait to arrive in school.

“I just don’t understand him. Is it that bad to be friendly to everyone when I’m just new here? Come on, can’t I?” I asked in a higher pitch. Then I drank my treat from Audrey, my cappuccino with a loud sipping sound on purpose.

“Well you’re not friendly to everyone. You’re ignoring the very obvious presence of Drew Smith.” Courtney argued in a soft way. She wasn’t looking to me or to Audrey but to her two fingers touching each other’s tip.

“Do I? Well he’s excluded from the word ‘everyone.’ Really, can you consider him as someone like us? Is he even human?” I softened my voice when the cheerleaders passed or should we say Smith’s fans club.

“I agree with you Sanyu but don’t you think you’re trying very hard to get close with Nathan? You don’t look like you want to be friends. It seems like you’re longing for more.” Audrey said looking puzzled to what she said too.

“O my! You like him, don’t you?” Courtney interrogated her voice getting higher and eager.

“I, I.. uhm, I don’t.. I don’t,” was all I muttered.

“Don’t know? Don’t think so? Come on Sanyu, you could have easily answered if you were sure that you’re not feeling anything special for Nathan. We’re you very first and best friends here. You can’t deny to us.” Audrey flashed a grin I can’t refuse to.

“Fine. Maybe I like him. Maybe but maybe not, you know.” I was making myself believe that I don’t have any bit of infatuation for him. But I am failing; I was just assuring myself that I do like him.

“Whatever Sanyu. You just have to prepare yourself for a battle.” Courtney advised.

“Yeah, get ready for water coming up from heaven, eggs coming from the east to west, sauces poured on your shirts, messed up locker. That’s what’s like the battle is. You may call it bullying.” Audrey added.

“Battle? When was it a war to like Nathan Hale? And what do you know about sauces poured on shirts?” I asked chuckling.

“It was always a miserable war to like Nathan Hale since Miranda Vane studied here. And do you actually think Charles just accidentally poured his sauce on your shirt?” Courtney put on a serious voice.

“The dog did that on purpose because Miranda ordered him to. You know, we were very curious between you and Nathan so we didn’t put our eyes off between the two of you. When suddenly the dog came with his sauce and turned it upside-down with a satisfactory smile. So tell me, you think it was just a coincidence or a little act?” Audrey summarized emphasizing the word ‘dog.’

“So that’s what’s Miranda’s whispering to that Charles. Damn that Montez! Can’t he see nor feel that he’s just being used? Does he even have a brain?” I angrily asked. But actually I’m kind of thankful because if he hadn’t done that, I won’t be able to wear Nate’s polo.

“Well fortunately and unfortunately, he’s got a dog brain so the level is much, much lower.” Audrey joked.

“I can see that what’s you’re saying is true. He must really have a dog brain.” I stood up when suddenly I felt hotness on my right shoulder, literally. A newly made coffee was poured –again on me. If this person was either Miranda or her slaves, Leigh and Charles, I’d kill them. I would hunt them down –if I could.

“O my gosh! I’m so sorry sempai! I didn’t know you were going to stand already so I passed unconsciously,” said a girl with the same blond hair as Nathan’s. It was no other less than Natalie Hale, his sister.

“O it’s okay kohai. I learned my lesson from the damned Charles so I have my extra shirt.” I comforted.

“I should go with you in the comfort room until you’re finished changing.” Natalie suggested.
“If you insist to,” was all I could say. Inside my mind I am happy for the fact that I can have a talk with Nate’s sister.

I changed my red shirt into a green one. When I got out of the cubicle to check what I look like, Natalie was waiting and was grinning at me. She wanted a talk that’s why she came along.

“You know sempai. I really am fond of you, can we be sisters? You know, it’s very boring to have a strict brother like my onii-san.” She explained.

“Well I don’t have siblings so that might just be fun! You seem to know some Japanese words Natalie.” I stated.

“Please, you can call me Nattie. My onii-san is very fond of Japanese even he wasn’t in high school yet. I think it was to impress the girl he likes. I got curious so I made him tutor me some easy words. You know what onee-san, he’s even more eager to learn Japanese words lately.” She informed.

“Really? And why is that so, onee-chan?” I asked hoping that it would be because of the Japanese girl who just started studying here in Algona, in short, me.

“He won’t tell me why but I’ve got a very good hunch. And even though you’re my sister, I won’t tell you. It’s keeping the secret unknown to others that make it thrilling and magical.” Nattie defended.

“I understand, making a secret a secret to everyone else is what it’s all about. Do you know of the girl that your onii-san admires until now? Can you describe her for me?” I asked.

“I don’t really know of that girl but I have this feeling that I’ll get really close with that lucky girl.”

“But I thought anyone of you didn’t have any communication with her?” I was confused.

“News fled and has said that she’s back here in Algona. I just don’t know for how long but one thing I’m certain is that my brother is sometimes laughing by himself by just thinking of that girl.” She assured.

“O. He must be crying for joyful tears now that his long awaited love has returned. How romantic it would be for their reunion.” I said feeling jealous at all.

“I’m sure you’ll like her because onii-san did. I’m quite positive about that.” Nattie smiled an angel’s.

“Maybe but I think I won’t. After all, I don’t think your brother has got the great taste.” I bitterly replied.

“I am thinking the very opposite side of yours onee-san. I am sure that my brother’s got a great taste and that my side is with the right angle.” She grinned.

“We’ll see onee-chan. I think we both better go now.” I offered.

“Yeah, see you around sis!” Natalie waved goodbye and turned away from me.

to be continued

Friday, June 5, 2009

chapter nine: Cheese Versus Hot Sauce

When I opened the door, a ball was flying so fast towards me. I know I should evade it but my feet were glued on the ground and I can't move it. Maybe too shock was in me.

Biology class is quiet and boring not to mention that my seatmate is Riley Braid, Mr. Ryan Braid's only child. Well, we're both geek but he's too shy and I'm more modernized. I can't even have a talk with him. Hmm, I wish he was Nathan; at least I could chat with somebody even though he's obnoxious.

bell, bell, bell.

Thank heaven biology class is finished! I just have to do club activities! I wish I could go home already. Phew! Just thinking about freshly baked blueberry muffins made by mom, who wouldn't like to go home? These people. Once they're done with school works, they'll discuss where they'll head. Am I the only one who prefers to be at home than malls? Young people today. Surely, Audrey and Courtney will invite me for coffee when they see me.

"Sanyu, Lets have some coffee." I cringed by the word coffee. "No worries, my treat." Courtney added.

"Wow, never thought you'd treat us but sorry, I can't. I'll start having club practices since today. You two go on. I'll be fine." I smiled an honest one.

"If you insist, we should go on without you. But do we have you tomorrow at lunch time or will you be still sitting with Nathan Hale?" Audrey teasingly asked.

"I'd love to be in your company tomorrow. Thank God for that, you know. Well, see you tomorrow." I waved my hand goodbye. I turned away from them and went to the gym.

When I opened the door, a ball was flying so fast towards me. I know I should evade it but my feet were glued on the ground and I can't move it. Maybe too shock was in me. It would hit me now. In 1, 2, 3.

"Lucky save." I saw a hand in front of my face saving it from the ball. When the hand went down, I searched to whom it belongs. There I found an average looking face of a male student grinning at me.

"Thank you for the lucky save." I smiled back halfheartedly.

"Don't mention it. It would be a pity if the ball laded on such a pretty face." He added.

"O thanks still." Words of a playboy, he's too cheesy.

"Drew Smith, your name?" He playfully asked.

"Sanyu Hyuuga." I shortly replied. I don't want to have a chat with him.

"It's quite a unique name but lovely, Sanyu." He said. Looks like he doesn't know the hottest news was me.

"Well you see, it isn't. It's normal since I'm Japanese." I curtly replied.

"O, I see," was all he could say. I rather got my face hit then talk with him.

"Smith, practice time! Hyuuga, time for discussion." Nathan ordered. Now that's what I call a lucky save! Drew moved away now and Nathan got nearer. When he reached my side, we walked while talking.

"Thank you! I owe you big one for making him move away." I said.

"Why? What did the infamous heartthrob of Algona do to you?" He teasingly asked.

"He was too... ew! Wait, I thought you were the heartthrob?" I asked.

"Well, I'm more of a prince. So I'm higher than him, more honorable." He chuckled.

"Well if we were food, I'd be the pizza, Drew would be the cheese and you'll be the hot sauce." I smiled by the idea.

"Then would you choose the cheese or the hot sauce? You don't like hot sauce so would you have the cheese rather than hot sauce?"

"Well if the kind of cheese was rotten like that, I'd rather have my tongue suffer from the spiciness of the hot sauce. You know, that might be tasty." I laughed emphasizing the word tasty.

"No doubt." There was a long pause before he replied again.

"So what else do I have to know?" I asked to break the silence.

"Here at practice, Coach Harry Crow is the king and Ms. Georgina Conrad is the queen. Their word is law here. If you don't follow them you might get suspended." He warned.

"That's pretty harsh. So as captains you are the prince and Jane Stellar is the princess?"

"Yep, you have to follow us too. If you don't, you might get suspended too. But you have the right to defend yourself."

"That's why you didn't argue with Mr. Crow when he told you to teach me."

"Correct again. Well here, there's no special treatment. When you're late or absent, you got a punishment."

"What kind of punishment?" I swallowed when I heard punishment. It's not that I'm unpunctual nor frequently absent. It's just that I might for some unexpected reasons.

"Every minute you're late is a push-up. Well if you're absent, you'll have 50 push-ups." He grinned."

"Wow, that's tough. Well, what if the explanation's a reasonable one? Will it be considered?"

"Get a letter from the teacher who excused you or let your parents talk to Ms. Conrad on your phone. They might let you go with that." He suggested.

"I'll try that if I'll need too but hopefully I won't." I answered.

"But maybe it would be nice to see you making some push-ups" He said.

"Well if I do, I'll make sure you'll get some too. I'll put you in." I laughed. I was kind of surprised with what I saw when I looked at my left side. I reached out my hand near to Nathan's cheek almost touching his face.

"What do you think you're doing?" He was obviously awkward by my hand's position.


"Just saving your face. Is it really like this here? There are too many flying balls." I said.

"You didn't have to." He said in a straight tone.

"It's alright, I just owed you one from the save awhile ago." I winked.

"Hey Captain, I'm sorry. I didn't have control the direction of the ball." Drew interrupted.

"No harm done, she saved me." Nate replied to him very captain-like.

"Well you got a good reflex Sanyu." Drew patted my head gently. Nathan rolled his eyes.

"Thanks, we still have to discuss some things and I think you still got some practice so excuse us." I nearly shoved him away. He went back to court unsatisfied.

"Wow, you got to remember his human too." Nate laughed.

"And I have the human right to say what I want to." I defended.

"Well actually, I don't have anything left to say. I'll give you now to the princess." He pointed out her hand to a very tall girl of black hair. She was indeed beautiful. "Hey Jane, here's your new teammate, Sanyu." Nathan then joined the game.

"Hi captain Jane. Hi everyone, I am Sanyu Hyuuga, pleasure to meet you all." I introduced. I wonder, how many times have I introduced myself just for today?

"Just call me Jane. We're pleased to have you." Are the captains being chosen by their looks? I analyzed the faces of my teammates. I got two familiar faces, one friend and one unknown. April Evans was here and so lucky me. She waved at me and I smiled back. The other one was Natalie Hale, Nate's sister. She smiled and waved at me so I waved back and smiled unwillingly. The team had a conversation about getting-to-know-each-other.

"Well, we'll start having our real practice on Wednesday since we don't practice during Tuesdays." She shifted her eyes on me with a bright smile. "Sanyu, don't forget to bring extra clothes, snacks, water."

"I won't. See you tomorrow Jane." I then turned to April, "April, I heard from Audrey that are houses were very near, can I ride with you?"

"Hey Sanyu, can I drive you home? It's dangerous at night walking with no man by your side." Drew offered.

"Thanks, but no thanks. I just got a ride invitation from April since we are neighbors." I declined.

"Well then next time." He suggested.

"Maybe but I'd like to get home with April's company and it's much safer." I refused still.

"Hey Sanyu, the car's here now. We got to get in now." April saved me.

"Coming!" I was to run after her. But I heard Nathan saying something to Drew so I slowed down.

"Looks like you're getting rejected so quickly. Don't try her, she won't fall for you." Nate said.

"It's the first time a girl treated me like this. I won't give up easily. I'll make her mine." Drew answered.

"That would be just a dream." Nate replied. I started pacing up now with April.

I got home almost eight o'clock. It was such a long day. I can't wait to sleep.

to be continued

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

chapter eight: Rooftop

I wonder why Miranda fell in love with this monster even though she gets pushed away always. Is she insane? Nate would never fall in love with him. But how sure am I?

I and Nate went to his locker to get his extra clothes for me to borrow since I got my white blouse sauced thanks to the dog (according to Audrey), Charles Montez. He was behind me holding my shoulders to cover the mess.

"Choose." He made me picked between his white long-sleeved polo and his sky blue shirt. I reached out my hand for the polo 'cause for sure, it would work better on me. When I got the polo, he shoved me away. I gave him a confused face.

"What? You wanna change right in front of me?" He teased.

"You wish!" I barked and walked briskly to the comfort room. I felt someone pacing up with me so I turned to look who it was. It was Nathan.

"Would you stop following me, you pervert!" I shrieked.

"Relax; I'll just guard you outside so that Miranda won't bother you." He said.

"O thanks," was all I could say. Finally, I reached the doorknob of the washroom.

"Hey, this is just for today as thanks for acting with me in history class." He reminded.

"Yeah, I know; nothing more, nothing less." But I wanted for everyday to be like this. Tomorrow, he'll turn into an obnoxious person again. Should I act with him always?

I wonder why Miranda fell in love with this monster even though she always gets pushed away. Is she insane? Nate would never fall in love with him. But how sure am I? Well whatever, I just have to get changed and talk about club activities. I looked at the mirror only to see that his polo fitted on me like a dress. Yes he's muscular, not that big and tall and I'm thin. So no wonder it would fit with my body like this.

"Hi Nate! Will you wait for me? I'll just go inside." A familiar voice said.

"Miranda, I don't think that's a good idea. I have no extra time for you." Nathan was distracting Miranda. I should better go out now.

"Hey, there you are. Let's go now." Nathan said when he saw me grabbing my hand and walked fast. "What took you so long? You know I hate talking with her."

"Some girl stuffs." I said so that I don't have to explain anything. "Where are we going?" I asked looking at our hands still holding.

"To the rooftop so there won't be distractions." He noticed where my eyes are looking and he then freed my hand.

"Can I look back? I just want to see Miranda's face. It would be funny."

"Hah! You want this little act be discovered? Can you wait until tomorrow?" He suggested.

"Then tomorrow, surely her face would have still had that very same expression." I sarcastically answered.

He didn't answer anymore. He was defeated in our little debate. We went up and when he opened the door, his face looked really shocked. I saw a girl and her boyfriend, I think.

"Na-" I covered his mouth before he could scandalize here. We hid behind a wall. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Saving you from embarrassment? They're not even touching each other's hands. Hey, you said you didn't like anyone here, why the reaction now?" I asked.

"Stupid! She's my little sister. She's with his boyfriend Dan Tuck." He said.

"You know they're an item so what are you worrying about?"

"Natalie's just fourteen; I won't allow her yet to have her first kiss stolen away from her."

"They don't look like they'll kiss."

Then the Dan pointed out something to Natalie. When Natalie looked backed to Dan, well he... He kissed her.

"Why you-" I covered his mouth again to save him again. And then slap!

"Who gave you permission to?" Natalie interrogated.

"Do I need?" Dan asked very clueless of the situation.

"No, 'cause were done." She aid and walked out. Dan chased her but she was just too fast for him.

"Looks like your sister knows how to handle herself," I said to Nathan.

"Yeah, just like her brother." He smirked.

"O, so if I kiss you right now, you'd probably slap me too?" I teased no intentions at all. He flushed by the idea. To stop it I added, "Kidding! That would never happen right?"

"You wish." His face was red still. Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

"Now, you know the schedule of the practice." He started with the real discussion.

"Yep, just one more question about it. Is it every after school?"

"Oh, we don't practice every Tuesday and Thursday. So it's an M-W-F schedule we've got."

"Alright, go on." I said.

"We don't really have that much rules. Just sign in the attendance, bring extra clothes and food. Junk foods and chocolates are not allowed during practice. That's what you just have to understand. Later in the gym, you'll learn more."

"O I see, thank you Mr. Hale. Shouldn't we get going before we get late?" I offered.

"You go, I have some time left, and we're not in the same class you know."

"How did you know?" I asked very curious.

There was a long pause before he answered, "Just guessed."

Irritated of his safe answer, I went out for Biology Class now.

to be continued

chapter seven: Spicy Sauce

I saw her small mouth opened in shock; my fist would have fit there. I’m
Japanese after all. It’s just natural to have a slim body.

“Hey, you know what to do? ‘Cause I’ve got no idea how to deal with her.” I whispered to Nathan.

“Don’t worry. She won’t scandalize when I’m here. Even Miranda Vane knows that that would be a great turn-off for us boys. ” He chuckled.

“Well not all boys. When I was still at grade school, my friend just laughs at me when I do silly pranks.”

“Friend,” I heard him mumbling.

“Well, not really. We had affection for each other. You could say that he’s my first love.”

“Really?” He suddenly became excited. Maybe the idea that I got my first love during grade school days never crossed his mind.

“Yeah I got my first love during grade school days and so what? But I didn’t think about it so much when I returned to Japan.”

“Why?” He was very prying.

“Because we were just kids and I never thought I’d come back here in Algona. And even so, maybe he has a girlfriend now. So it doesn’t really matter to me.”

“You don’t know. He might still be waiting for you. Maybe he can’t forget about his first love too that he can’t move on even though it was for 5 years now. It’s not really that long you know.” He appealed.

“Well that’s ridiculous. You’ll never forget your first love but doesn’t mean you can’t have your second or your third love.”

“Whatever.” He is now angry.

“Hey chill. Did I say anything wrong? If I did, then I’m sorry. Really, don’t you want to have lunch now?” I offered almost begging. I was getting hungry, very to say. “Remember, Mr. Crow will be watching.”

“Yeah. Talk nothing but volleyball only. Got that Japanese?” He instructed.

“Yes Captain America.” I answered. “But shouldn’t we go out now towards the cafeteria and finish our little act?” I asked, not sure if he still wants to.

“Well a man finishes everything he started so yes we will.” He got up and surprisingly, he grabbed my right hand and whispered, “Smile before Miranda.”

And because I’m foolish, I smiled. When we passed Miranda, I saw her small mouth opened in shock; my fist would have fit there. I’m Japanese after all. It’s just natural to have a slim body. Leigh just looked at me, one eyebrow up but not scary at all. When we got out, he jerked his hand away from mine.

“Hey Japanese, we’re not even near at being friends. That was just an act ago. Everything is for Miranda to back off and for the team, got that? By the way thanks for the cooperation.” He reminded me.

“Don’t worry Nate; I’m not interested at all being your friend. Everything is for the team.” I lied. Truth is I really liked to be his friend. Everything is not for the team but to my hoping friendship with him too. How can there be such a guy? I just don’t understand him.

“I’ll just go and place some stuffs inside my locker. You go ahead.” And we parted. I went straight ahead to the cafeteria. There I saw Audrey and Courtney with other people; God is truly brilliant.

“Hey San, was history class hard for you? You were late than the others who had the same class with you.” Audrey teased.

“Well actually I learned the lesson back in Japan already. I had advanced studies you see. Something just popped up when I was about to go down but it’s not important.” The last sentence was a lie.

“Sit now San, I’d like you to meet our other friends. They’d be delighted to be your buddy!” Courtney as always was very cheerful and very excited.

“Hi there, my name is Eric Stan. I specialize in events organizing. I’m the head of the Design Club so whenever there’s an occasion, holiday, and party or ball here in school, we do the beautification. Maybe I could work with you.” Said a man wearing eyeglasses but very good-looking. He got a blond hair looking good at his wide-jawed face.

“Definitely I would work with you Eric. Nice meeting with you.” I shake his hands. His hands were pretty rough, well I can’t blame him. He must have carried big woods already.

“I’m Eric’s twin, Cedric Stan. I’m a chess master. I'm fine and you?” He really looked like Eric except that he has no glasses and he dyed his hair black. He was like the bad version of Eric but handsome still.

“Smart of you to dye your hair if that is to extinguish you from Eric. I believe now that you are a chess master.” I said by the thought that he did that not worrying if it would make him less attractive.

“Thanks. I’m actually with the same blond hair. But we wanted to be more of normal too so I dyed my hair black permanently. Good thing it didn’t affect my very handsome face.”

“Haha, yeah. Good thing!” I laughed back.

“Yo! April Evans, pleasure to meet you,” said a lady in blond hair with some streaks of pink highlights. She looked like Avril Lavigne except for the fact that she dresses better than the phenomenal singer. Maybe she’s a fan. I better not insult Avril Lavigne.

“My pleasure too Avril, I mean April.” Shoot. Kill me.

“You called me Avril? Wow, you just called me as my favourite singer. You do rock!”

“It’s not a problem. I just thought you really looked like her.” Stop speaking. The more you say something, the more you get mistakes so stop.

“Well thanks. Except that I don’t like her clothing. I prefer Mischa Barton’s taste in clothes.” April shared.

“Really? That’s cool. I like Keira Knightley the most. She looks like a pretty doll and I...” I stopped because I saw their faces a bit surprised. I even saw Miranda whispering something on a guy beside him while glaring at me. Was Keira that bad here? Then I felt someone patted my shoulder.

“Have to go now and say goodbye. I’m going to borrow her now. If you do mind, it is Mr. Crow’s order.”

Nathan Hale, the infamous sucker. When I was almost having fun with my same and old friends, such an interruption is quite unforgiving.

“I see you haven’t eaten anything yet. Let’s line up now ‘cause I wanna talk fast about the team and get away from...”

“Me? Don’t worry; I won’t talk about unnecessary things.” I snorted.

“Didn’t say anything,” he defended. I rolled my eyes as an answer.

“Hello kids, here’s your chicken.” An old lady said.

“Excuse me; did you put something in my sauce?” I asked politely.

“Nothing different dear.”

“O-okay. Thanks.”

I and Nate went to a free table. I was very hungry I started eating. I was about to dip my chicken on my sauce when...

“Stop. Let me taste first.” Nathan Ordered. I passed my sauce to him. He tasted it with his smallest finger and said, “too spicy. She must have put some wasabi here”

“Thanks, but how did you know I hate too spicy foods?” I asked very curious. I never told anyone about it yet here.

“Most girls don’t like it.” He shortly replied.

“But I was supposed to be an exception. I’m Japanese; you know that for sure.”

“I do forget too.” He defended his self.

“Okay. Let’s talk about volleyball now, captain.” I offered to stop the unnecessary talk.

“Right, You know now that we start every five in the afternoon. We end at 8 o’clock pm, sometimes later.” He was looking down busy eating.

“O my God!” I feel like getting crazy now.

“What?” He asked and looked at me. Then he shouted, “Montez! What the...”

“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to.” It was the guy with Miranda. Damn, he poured his sauce on me!

“Just go away Charles. Now!” Nate ordered him. He look frightened and backed away immediately.

“You have extra clothes?” Nate asked me, very concerned.

“If I knew this would happen, I would have but I’ve got none.”

“I’ll lend you then.”

to be continued

Sunday, May 31, 2009

chapter six: E-mail

I blushed. He's really a nice guy. Smiling like a kid when talking about the girl he likes for some years now. Somehow, I feel envious of this very lucky girl. If I were her, I will e-mail him every minute of the day.

Courtney and Audrey went to Biology Class while I was scheduled to be in History Class. There is a small table for every two students. I wonder who I'll be sharing with. Who's gonna be my seatmate? I just hope Miranda Vane won't be there. That would be very bad. O, that's her. She doesn't look like she's about to attend the same class with me. But who is that brunette girl she's whispering with? Ate they planning some kind of secret mission. I gotta hear some of it.

".......... keep an eye ............... seat ................... him ....................... girl........................" Miranda whispered, almost breathing except that there were some words.

Keep an eye? To whom? seat? who's seat? him? That would be Nathan. O, he's in my class again. Girl? God, don't tell me that's me. Don't; just don't let me be the one to sit next to him again.

"Mr. Braid, I'm new here. Where should I sit?" I pointed both of the two remaining seats. The other chair has a bag already so it must be occupied.

"That one belongs to Ms. Waltz. Please sit there nearest to the window." There again? I wonder why I always get to sit there. Never mind, I'll just get my things ready, I wonder to whom does this bag belongs. This gray backpack is somehow familiar. Maybe I saw it already during homeroom class.

"Sorry Mr. Braid, I helped Mr. Crow with the net. I hope I didn't miss anything." O, so there was Nathan Hale.

"No problem Mr. Hale. We were just about to start, now move along."

Where will he sit? I can't see any seat that was not been occupied yet except Waltz's and the seat beside... No! This isn't his...

"Do you really like seating beside me? I'm honored." Nathan teased.

"You should be." I quickly replied. I was agitated. I'm annoyed with myself 'cause I feel excited that we're seatmates again. But why? Yes, I'm just excited to tease him. Right!

"Hey Nathan, how was your vacation without your girlfriend?" I teasingly asked.

"I don't have any girlfriend, I'm not interested." He replied, kind of mad. But it felt like he was willing to answer my questions.

"Isn't Miranda Vane your girlfriend? O you're not interested, does that mean, your not straight?"

"She's not and I'm not interested to her. I'm straight. I like somebody, a girl."

"O, poor Miranda. Who's the unlucky girl?"

"You mean lucky. You don't need to know, she doesn't study here. We were classmates when we were in grade school but not anymore. She migrated and might never come back."

"O, I'm sorry. Well if you still like her, than you must have communication still. How? Through E-mail?"

"No we don't have. Don't be sorry, she's not dead. Or maybe she is."

"Hey, why do you think she's dead? 'Cause she's not replying to our e-mails anymore? Is that it?"

"No it's not. I told you, we never had any communication. I don't care; maybe she didn't really like me at all she didn't e-mail me. I gave her my address, you see."

"No, I did not see. I was in Japan how could I see?" I teased.

"Well yeah, but maybe you did."

"Impossible. Hey, you're quite a martyr. You got no contact with her but yet you still like her? How do you do that?"

"Easy, it's just that no one has appeared yet who can compare to her. She's unique above anyone else. She's just the girl I've seen with the most exotic qualities. She's my medicine."

I blushed. He's really a nice guy. Smiling like a kid when talking about the girl he likes for some years now. Somehow, I feel envious of this very lucky girl. If I were her, I will e-mail him every minute of the day. What's with that girl?

"Didn't know you were that cheesy but you really sounded... sweet." I grinned.

"O thanks." He muttered. He blushed when he heard sweet. He's really like a kid, just handsome, not cute.

"Hey does that girl have a big crush on you too?" I asked still looking at the brunette.

"Too? I didn't know you got a big crush on me. I'm flattered but you don't stand..."

"Shut up, I'm not referring to myself but to Miranda. Look" I glimpsed at him, his face saddened.

"O, where? Her? Crap. She's Leigh Woods, one of Miranda's friends."

"O yeah, I saw Miranda whispering something at her before I got in."

"Good chance. Will you just cooperate with me?" He pleaded.

"What?" I was confused.

"Smile." He ordered. And I smiled at him too.

"I can't wait for history to finish and lunch time to begin. You're dead, moron!"

"Right, I can't wait to be with you at lunch time Sanyu." He said louder so that Leigh Woods would hear it and hopefully report it to her master.

"Hey, yes she won't bother you but she will to me."

"O that would be for sure. You want me to talk to her?"

"Would she listen?"

"She will but I don't know if she'll act upon it. That might be impossible." He chuckled. I got mad and stepped on his foot.

"Aw!" He said, Mr. Braid almost looked at our way. "You're such a sweetie Sanyu."

"Yes I am"

bell.. bell.. bell..

"Now you're dead Nathan Hale!"

"Can't Wait Hyuuga, really I can't" He laughed, I began to laugh to because he was so captivating. Seeing him laughing, giggling, chuckling, smiling just makes me laugh, giggle, chuckle and smile too. Never was a moment of chagrin with him. Cool guy, cool friend. I hope he'll meet his girl soon. Maybe the two of them look cute. Someone interrupted our laughing moment. I and Nate looked at the one who disturbed us.

"Leigh! There you are. I'm excited, and I have many things to tell you! I think you owe me a lot of things too, right?"

Crap. Miranda Vane, the antagonist as always. God let me be lucky that she won't mess with me.

to be continued