Sunday, July 12, 2009

chapter 11: Natalie's Scheme

I was about to go inside but then I saw that Natalie wasn’t alone on the doorstep. I hid to do my favorite nasty hobby, eavesdropping.

Weeks have passed and it’s Saturday, thank God! Today’s supposed to be a rest day but nope it’s not. Why? It isn’t a day-off because Natalie Hale asked me to be her shopping partner for today and all I could say was, “Of course! Nattie, if you wish so, I will.”

Damn, too human to refuse. So here I am getting up now. I wore a white tee and my favorite high-waisted shorts for the purpose of me being comfortable. I ate my breakfast before I went to our little gathering so that I would be cheerful when I see her. We agreed to meet up at 10:30 am sharp in the café. I rode on my bicycle and went straight there. I was about to go inside but then I saw that Natalie wasn’t alone on the doorstep. I hid to do my favorite nasty hobby, eavesdropping.

“It’s 10:30 am already Natalie. Tell me, are we really waiting for Smith?” Nathan asked, irritated.

“Yep, Don’t get impatient, she’ll arrive any second right now, I’m positive about that.” Natalie was looking at her watch trying to convince herself that there’s still some seconds left before I get late.

“She? Don’t tell me you’ve invited her!” Nathan was now agitated.

“O, I’m discovered.” Natalie realized that she slipped.

“Why on earth did you that?”

“Come on, trying to act tough on her aren’t you? You know you don’t hate her but you’re still trying to even though the truth is you can’t because you…”

“Because you know that it’s none of your business.” Nathan interrupted, “you don’t know how I feel nor think; we’re not twins!”

“Well, I’m always right. And right now, you don’t have a choice but to stay with me.” Natalie snapped.

Both of them went in now. I waited for some second before I did come inside too. Natalie waved at me and I pretended to be shocked that Nathan was there smirking by my existence.

“Good morning Natalie. You didn’t tell me you’d bring a pet with you. I should have brought a dog so that your pet would have someone to play with.” I teased.

“Yeah you should have told her Natalie because I’d rather be with a dog than to be with her company.” Nathan teased back.

“Stop acting like kids you two. The two of you are a dog and cat.” Natalie scolded us. I saw her dialing on her phone. Her phone then ringed.

“Hello mom? Yep. Mm, I see. Alright, alright, I’ll be right there. Bye, I love you.” Natalie talked.
“Where are you going?” I asked her.

“Mom needs my help so I better hurry and go home.”

“And who do you think you’re going with?” Nathan asked his sister.

“Myself. Say, do I need a chaperone to get myself home?” Natalie curtly replied.

“I’ve got nothing to do here, I’d go home with you. and you,” he pointed his face on me, “do whatever you want.”

“O sorry you can’t go with me. Mom is apologizing to you Sanyu because she has to have me now but she said that she won’t let you spend your time alone. She said that he’ll have my brother escort you.” Natalie grinned, “but don’t worry. As soon as I satisfy mom, I’ll be back.”She then disappeared.

“Great. I’m trapped with you. God, have I sinned too much for you to give me such punishment?” Nathan was obviously teasing me.

“Well if you haven’t noticed, you are an obnoxious rude lion-like man who’s making my every day suck.” I replied.

“Well if you’re geeky senses haven’t yet detected, you are an unbearable chagrining tigress-like woman who’s made the whole town sick.” He retorted. I was hurt by his words. It took a pause before I answered.

“Copycat,” was all I could say. He then sneered.

“It’s boring here; don’t you have a plan for this awful and pitiful date?” He asked.

“It’s not a date since we’re three. Natalie will come back for our shopping.” I corrected him.

“O, you haven’t figured it out? This is all her scheme. She planned out a date for the two of us.”
“Shit. You’re right. I’ll torture her, I will.” I swore.

“Now do you have something to buy or none? I want to get some ice cream at Madam Parfaits’.”

“Well I will buy an organizer, a big one. Could you show me where I could buy, the cheaper the better.”

“Well then I’ll lead the way.” Nathan offered.

We were walking together but we were of distance. We didn’t look like dating but we looked like two people who were going for the same location. I saw the girls smiling to Nathan and was annoyed that he smiled back to all of them. I was envy; he never smiled back to me whenever I gave him a friendly smile. I looked back to the girls and gave them a one-eyebrow-up look to frighten them up wherein I was very successful.

“Here we are DS crafts, where all things are cheap but come with great quality.” Nathan sounded like a tourist guide.

“Thanks, I’ll search as fast as I can so you could eat already.” I went in and so did Nathan follow. I found very cute neon green with some strokes of pink organizer but the size was just not enough. I chagrined by the thought that I can’t afford to buy two planners. So I opt for another organizer that was bigger but less cute than the first. Nathan seemed to got something that he needs too because he bought also. He even paid more because he asked the saleslady to wrap it based from what I saw. I wonder what that was and to whom will he give it.

to be continued.

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