Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chapter 10: His Sister, My Sister

I changed my red shirt into a green one. When I got out of the cubicle to check what I look like, Natalie was waiting and was grinning at me. She wanted a talk that’s why she came along.

I woke up by myself around 6:00 am which was new because I always want to get more sleep. There was something inside of me boiling, itching and for whatever reason, is excited. But there is something I am very positive, it is not definitely because of playboy Drew Smith. Just thinking of him gives me the chills. For these three days that has passed, he was always popping, appearing anywhere beside me in any way. Maybe if I had a voodoo doll, I've gave him irremovable pimples on the nose so that he’d never show his ugly face again to me.

School wasn’t that hard because our lessons back in Japan are way more advanced than here in Algona. Maybe I’ll just have a thorny time complying because I am too messy. Too untidy that you could compare me to a snake leaving its old skin anywhere it wishes to. And the person who’s giving me a very difficult time is Nathan Hale. He doesn’t talk back again to me nor jokes around with me since I returned his polo. And he doesn’t even tease me. He just talks to me when it’s needed or it’s related with club activities. Screw him. I’m just being friendly. Audrey and Courtney don’t know what to feel for me but it looks like there’s someone who’s very happy about it. No other less than Miranda Vane. But still, I can’t wait to arrive in school.

“I just don’t understand him. Is it that bad to be friendly to everyone when I’m just new here? Come on, can’t I?” I asked in a higher pitch. Then I drank my treat from Audrey, my cappuccino with a loud sipping sound on purpose.

“Well you’re not friendly to everyone. You’re ignoring the very obvious presence of Drew Smith.” Courtney argued in a soft way. She wasn’t looking to me or to Audrey but to her two fingers touching each other’s tip.

“Do I? Well he’s excluded from the word ‘everyone.’ Really, can you consider him as someone like us? Is he even human?” I softened my voice when the cheerleaders passed or should we say Smith’s fans club.

“I agree with you Sanyu but don’t you think you’re trying very hard to get close with Nathan? You don’t look like you want to be friends. It seems like you’re longing for more.” Audrey said looking puzzled to what she said too.

“O my! You like him, don’t you?” Courtney interrogated her voice getting higher and eager.

“I, I.. uhm, I don’t.. I don’t,” was all I muttered.

“Don’t know? Don’t think so? Come on Sanyu, you could have easily answered if you were sure that you’re not feeling anything special for Nathan. We’re you very first and best friends here. You can’t deny to us.” Audrey flashed a grin I can’t refuse to.

“Fine. Maybe I like him. Maybe but maybe not, you know.” I was making myself believe that I don’t have any bit of infatuation for him. But I am failing; I was just assuring myself that I do like him.

“Whatever Sanyu. You just have to prepare yourself for a battle.” Courtney advised.

“Yeah, get ready for water coming up from heaven, eggs coming from the east to west, sauces poured on your shirts, messed up locker. That’s what’s like the battle is. You may call it bullying.” Audrey added.

“Battle? When was it a war to like Nathan Hale? And what do you know about sauces poured on shirts?” I asked chuckling.

“It was always a miserable war to like Nathan Hale since Miranda Vane studied here. And do you actually think Charles just accidentally poured his sauce on your shirt?” Courtney put on a serious voice.

“The dog did that on purpose because Miranda ordered him to. You know, we were very curious between you and Nathan so we didn’t put our eyes off between the two of you. When suddenly the dog came with his sauce and turned it upside-down with a satisfactory smile. So tell me, you think it was just a coincidence or a little act?” Audrey summarized emphasizing the word ‘dog.’

“So that’s what’s Miranda’s whispering to that Charles. Damn that Montez! Can’t he see nor feel that he’s just being used? Does he even have a brain?” I angrily asked. But actually I’m kind of thankful because if he hadn’t done that, I won’t be able to wear Nate’s polo.

“Well fortunately and unfortunately, he’s got a dog brain so the level is much, much lower.” Audrey joked.

“I can see that what’s you’re saying is true. He must really have a dog brain.” I stood up when suddenly I felt hotness on my right shoulder, literally. A newly made coffee was poured –again on me. If this person was either Miranda or her slaves, Leigh and Charles, I’d kill them. I would hunt them down –if I could.

“O my gosh! I’m so sorry sempai! I didn’t know you were going to stand already so I passed unconsciously,” said a girl with the same blond hair as Nathan’s. It was no other less than Natalie Hale, his sister.

“O it’s okay kohai. I learned my lesson from the damned Charles so I have my extra shirt.” I comforted.

“I should go with you in the comfort room until you’re finished changing.” Natalie suggested.
“If you insist to,” was all I could say. Inside my mind I am happy for the fact that I can have a talk with Nate’s sister.

I changed my red shirt into a green one. When I got out of the cubicle to check what I look like, Natalie was waiting and was grinning at me. She wanted a talk that’s why she came along.

“You know sempai. I really am fond of you, can we be sisters? You know, it’s very boring to have a strict brother like my onii-san.” She explained.

“Well I don’t have siblings so that might just be fun! You seem to know some Japanese words Natalie.” I stated.

“Please, you can call me Nattie. My onii-san is very fond of Japanese even he wasn’t in high school yet. I think it was to impress the girl he likes. I got curious so I made him tutor me some easy words. You know what onee-san, he’s even more eager to learn Japanese words lately.” She informed.

“Really? And why is that so, onee-chan?” I asked hoping that it would be because of the Japanese girl who just started studying here in Algona, in short, me.

“He won’t tell me why but I’ve got a very good hunch. And even though you’re my sister, I won’t tell you. It’s keeping the secret unknown to others that make it thrilling and magical.” Nattie defended.

“I understand, making a secret a secret to everyone else is what it’s all about. Do you know of the girl that your onii-san admires until now? Can you describe her for me?” I asked.

“I don’t really know of that girl but I have this feeling that I’ll get really close with that lucky girl.”

“But I thought anyone of you didn’t have any communication with her?” I was confused.

“News fled and has said that she’s back here in Algona. I just don’t know for how long but one thing I’m certain is that my brother is sometimes laughing by himself by just thinking of that girl.” She assured.

“O. He must be crying for joyful tears now that his long awaited love has returned. How romantic it would be for their reunion.” I said feeling jealous at all.

“I’m sure you’ll like her because onii-san did. I’m quite positive about that.” Nattie smiled an angel’s.

“Maybe but I think I won’t. After all, I don’t think your brother has got the great taste.” I bitterly replied.

“I am thinking the very opposite side of yours onee-san. I am sure that my brother’s got a great taste and that my side is with the right angle.” She grinned.

“We’ll see onee-chan. I think we both better go now.” I offered.

“Yeah, see you around sis!” Natalie waved goodbye and turned away from me.

to be continued

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