Tuesday, June 2, 2009

chapter eight: Rooftop

I wonder why Miranda fell in love with this monster even though she gets pushed away always. Is she insane? Nate would never fall in love with him. But how sure am I?

I and Nate went to his locker to get his extra clothes for me to borrow since I got my white blouse sauced thanks to the dog (according to Audrey), Charles Montez. He was behind me holding my shoulders to cover the mess.

"Choose." He made me picked between his white long-sleeved polo and his sky blue shirt. I reached out my hand for the polo 'cause for sure, it would work better on me. When I got the polo, he shoved me away. I gave him a confused face.

"What? You wanna change right in front of me?" He teased.

"You wish!" I barked and walked briskly to the comfort room. I felt someone pacing up with me so I turned to look who it was. It was Nathan.

"Would you stop following me, you pervert!" I shrieked.

"Relax; I'll just guard you outside so that Miranda won't bother you." He said.

"O thanks," was all I could say. Finally, I reached the doorknob of the washroom.

"Hey, this is just for today as thanks for acting with me in history class." He reminded.

"Yeah, I know; nothing more, nothing less." But I wanted for everyday to be like this. Tomorrow, he'll turn into an obnoxious person again. Should I act with him always?

I wonder why Miranda fell in love with this monster even though she always gets pushed away. Is she insane? Nate would never fall in love with him. But how sure am I? Well whatever, I just have to get changed and talk about club activities. I looked at the mirror only to see that his polo fitted on me like a dress. Yes he's muscular, not that big and tall and I'm thin. So no wonder it would fit with my body like this.

"Hi Nate! Will you wait for me? I'll just go inside." A familiar voice said.

"Miranda, I don't think that's a good idea. I have no extra time for you." Nathan was distracting Miranda. I should better go out now.

"Hey, there you are. Let's go now." Nathan said when he saw me grabbing my hand and walked fast. "What took you so long? You know I hate talking with her."

"Some girl stuffs." I said so that I don't have to explain anything. "Where are we going?" I asked looking at our hands still holding.

"To the rooftop so there won't be distractions." He noticed where my eyes are looking and he then freed my hand.

"Can I look back? I just want to see Miranda's face. It would be funny."

"Hah! You want this little act be discovered? Can you wait until tomorrow?" He suggested.

"Then tomorrow, surely her face would have still had that very same expression." I sarcastically answered.

He didn't answer anymore. He was defeated in our little debate. We went up and when he opened the door, his face looked really shocked. I saw a girl and her boyfriend, I think.

"Na-" I covered his mouth before he could scandalize here. We hid behind a wall. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Saving you from embarrassment? They're not even touching each other's hands. Hey, you said you didn't like anyone here, why the reaction now?" I asked.

"Stupid! She's my little sister. She's with his boyfriend Dan Tuck." He said.

"You know they're an item so what are you worrying about?"

"Natalie's just fourteen; I won't allow her yet to have her first kiss stolen away from her."

"They don't look like they'll kiss."

Then the Dan pointed out something to Natalie. When Natalie looked backed to Dan, well he... He kissed her.

"Why you-" I covered his mouth again to save him again. And then slap!

"Who gave you permission to?" Natalie interrogated.

"Do I need?" Dan asked very clueless of the situation.

"No, 'cause were done." She aid and walked out. Dan chased her but she was just too fast for him.

"Looks like your sister knows how to handle herself," I said to Nathan.

"Yeah, just like her brother." He smirked.

"O, so if I kiss you right now, you'd probably slap me too?" I teased no intentions at all. He flushed by the idea. To stop it I added, "Kidding! That would never happen right?"

"You wish." His face was red still. Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

"Now, you know the schedule of the practice." He started with the real discussion.

"Yep, just one more question about it. Is it every after school?"

"Oh, we don't practice every Tuesday and Thursday. So it's an M-W-F schedule we've got."

"Alright, go on." I said.

"We don't really have that much rules. Just sign in the attendance, bring extra clothes and food. Junk foods and chocolates are not allowed during practice. That's what you just have to understand. Later in the gym, you'll learn more."

"O I see, thank you Mr. Hale. Shouldn't we get going before we get late?" I offered.

"You go, I have some time left, and we're not in the same class you know."

"How did you know?" I asked very curious.

There was a long pause before he answered, "Just guessed."

Irritated of his safe answer, I went out for Biology Class now.

to be continued

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