Friday, June 5, 2009

chapter nine: Cheese Versus Hot Sauce

When I opened the door, a ball was flying so fast towards me. I know I should evade it but my feet were glued on the ground and I can't move it. Maybe too shock was in me.

Biology class is quiet and boring not to mention that my seatmate is Riley Braid, Mr. Ryan Braid's only child. Well, we're both geek but he's too shy and I'm more modernized. I can't even have a talk with him. Hmm, I wish he was Nathan; at least I could chat with somebody even though he's obnoxious.

bell, bell, bell.

Thank heaven biology class is finished! I just have to do club activities! I wish I could go home already. Phew! Just thinking about freshly baked blueberry muffins made by mom, who wouldn't like to go home? These people. Once they're done with school works, they'll discuss where they'll head. Am I the only one who prefers to be at home than malls? Young people today. Surely, Audrey and Courtney will invite me for coffee when they see me.

"Sanyu, Lets have some coffee." I cringed by the word coffee. "No worries, my treat." Courtney added.

"Wow, never thought you'd treat us but sorry, I can't. I'll start having club practices since today. You two go on. I'll be fine." I smiled an honest one.

"If you insist, we should go on without you. But do we have you tomorrow at lunch time or will you be still sitting with Nathan Hale?" Audrey teasingly asked.

"I'd love to be in your company tomorrow. Thank God for that, you know. Well, see you tomorrow." I waved my hand goodbye. I turned away from them and went to the gym.

When I opened the door, a ball was flying so fast towards me. I know I should evade it but my feet were glued on the ground and I can't move it. Maybe too shock was in me. It would hit me now. In 1, 2, 3.

"Lucky save." I saw a hand in front of my face saving it from the ball. When the hand went down, I searched to whom it belongs. There I found an average looking face of a male student grinning at me.

"Thank you for the lucky save." I smiled back halfheartedly.

"Don't mention it. It would be a pity if the ball laded on such a pretty face." He added.

"O thanks still." Words of a playboy, he's too cheesy.

"Drew Smith, your name?" He playfully asked.

"Sanyu Hyuuga." I shortly replied. I don't want to have a chat with him.

"It's quite a unique name but lovely, Sanyu." He said. Looks like he doesn't know the hottest news was me.

"Well you see, it isn't. It's normal since I'm Japanese." I curtly replied.

"O, I see," was all he could say. I rather got my face hit then talk with him.

"Smith, practice time! Hyuuga, time for discussion." Nathan ordered. Now that's what I call a lucky save! Drew moved away now and Nathan got nearer. When he reached my side, we walked while talking.

"Thank you! I owe you big one for making him move away." I said.

"Why? What did the infamous heartthrob of Algona do to you?" He teasingly asked.

"He was too... ew! Wait, I thought you were the heartthrob?" I asked.

"Well, I'm more of a prince. So I'm higher than him, more honorable." He chuckled.

"Well if we were food, I'd be the pizza, Drew would be the cheese and you'll be the hot sauce." I smiled by the idea.

"Then would you choose the cheese or the hot sauce? You don't like hot sauce so would you have the cheese rather than hot sauce?"

"Well if the kind of cheese was rotten like that, I'd rather have my tongue suffer from the spiciness of the hot sauce. You know, that might be tasty." I laughed emphasizing the word tasty.

"No doubt." There was a long pause before he replied again.

"So what else do I have to know?" I asked to break the silence.

"Here at practice, Coach Harry Crow is the king and Ms. Georgina Conrad is the queen. Their word is law here. If you don't follow them you might get suspended." He warned.

"That's pretty harsh. So as captains you are the prince and Jane Stellar is the princess?"

"Yep, you have to follow us too. If you don't, you might get suspended too. But you have the right to defend yourself."

"That's why you didn't argue with Mr. Crow when he told you to teach me."

"Correct again. Well here, there's no special treatment. When you're late or absent, you got a punishment."

"What kind of punishment?" I swallowed when I heard punishment. It's not that I'm unpunctual nor frequently absent. It's just that I might for some unexpected reasons.

"Every minute you're late is a push-up. Well if you're absent, you'll have 50 push-ups." He grinned."

"Wow, that's tough. Well, what if the explanation's a reasonable one? Will it be considered?"

"Get a letter from the teacher who excused you or let your parents talk to Ms. Conrad on your phone. They might let you go with that." He suggested.

"I'll try that if I'll need too but hopefully I won't." I answered.

"But maybe it would be nice to see you making some push-ups" He said.

"Well if I do, I'll make sure you'll get some too. I'll put you in." I laughed. I was kind of surprised with what I saw when I looked at my left side. I reached out my hand near to Nathan's cheek almost touching his face.

"What do you think you're doing?" He was obviously awkward by my hand's position.


"Just saving your face. Is it really like this here? There are too many flying balls." I said.

"You didn't have to." He said in a straight tone.

"It's alright, I just owed you one from the save awhile ago." I winked.

"Hey Captain, I'm sorry. I didn't have control the direction of the ball." Drew interrupted.

"No harm done, she saved me." Nate replied to him very captain-like.

"Well you got a good reflex Sanyu." Drew patted my head gently. Nathan rolled his eyes.

"Thanks, we still have to discuss some things and I think you still got some practice so excuse us." I nearly shoved him away. He went back to court unsatisfied.

"Wow, you got to remember his human too." Nate laughed.

"And I have the human right to say what I want to." I defended.

"Well actually, I don't have anything left to say. I'll give you now to the princess." He pointed out her hand to a very tall girl of black hair. She was indeed beautiful. "Hey Jane, here's your new teammate, Sanyu." Nathan then joined the game.

"Hi captain Jane. Hi everyone, I am Sanyu Hyuuga, pleasure to meet you all." I introduced. I wonder, how many times have I introduced myself just for today?

"Just call me Jane. We're pleased to have you." Are the captains being chosen by their looks? I analyzed the faces of my teammates. I got two familiar faces, one friend and one unknown. April Evans was here and so lucky me. She waved at me and I smiled back. The other one was Natalie Hale, Nate's sister. She smiled and waved at me so I waved back and smiled unwillingly. The team had a conversation about getting-to-know-each-other.

"Well, we'll start having our real practice on Wednesday since we don't practice during Tuesdays." She shifted her eyes on me with a bright smile. "Sanyu, don't forget to bring extra clothes, snacks, water."

"I won't. See you tomorrow Jane." I then turned to April, "April, I heard from Audrey that are houses were very near, can I ride with you?"

"Hey Sanyu, can I drive you home? It's dangerous at night walking with no man by your side." Drew offered.

"Thanks, but no thanks. I just got a ride invitation from April since we are neighbors." I declined.

"Well then next time." He suggested.

"Maybe but I'd like to get home with April's company and it's much safer." I refused still.

"Hey Sanyu, the car's here now. We got to get in now." April saved me.

"Coming!" I was to run after her. But I heard Nathan saying something to Drew so I slowed down.

"Looks like you're getting rejected so quickly. Don't try her, she won't fall for you." Nate said.

"It's the first time a girl treated me like this. I won't give up easily. I'll make her mine." Drew answered.

"That would be just a dream." Nate replied. I started pacing up now with April.

I got home almost eight o'clock. It was such a long day. I can't wait to sleep.

to be continued

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