Tuesday, June 2, 2009

chapter seven: Spicy Sauce

I saw her small mouth opened in shock; my fist would have fit there. I’m
Japanese after all. It’s just natural to have a slim body.

“Hey, you know what to do? ‘Cause I’ve got no idea how to deal with her.” I whispered to Nathan.

“Don’t worry. She won’t scandalize when I’m here. Even Miranda Vane knows that that would be a great turn-off for us boys. ” He chuckled.

“Well not all boys. When I was still at grade school, my friend just laughs at me when I do silly pranks.”

“Friend,” I heard him mumbling.

“Well, not really. We had affection for each other. You could say that he’s my first love.”

“Really?” He suddenly became excited. Maybe the idea that I got my first love during grade school days never crossed his mind.

“Yeah I got my first love during grade school days and so what? But I didn’t think about it so much when I returned to Japan.”

“Why?” He was very prying.

“Because we were just kids and I never thought I’d come back here in Algona. And even so, maybe he has a girlfriend now. So it doesn’t really matter to me.”

“You don’t know. He might still be waiting for you. Maybe he can’t forget about his first love too that he can’t move on even though it was for 5 years now. It’s not really that long you know.” He appealed.

“Well that’s ridiculous. You’ll never forget your first love but doesn’t mean you can’t have your second or your third love.”

“Whatever.” He is now angry.

“Hey chill. Did I say anything wrong? If I did, then I’m sorry. Really, don’t you want to have lunch now?” I offered almost begging. I was getting hungry, very to say. “Remember, Mr. Crow will be watching.”

“Yeah. Talk nothing but volleyball only. Got that Japanese?” He instructed.

“Yes Captain America.” I answered. “But shouldn’t we go out now towards the cafeteria and finish our little act?” I asked, not sure if he still wants to.

“Well a man finishes everything he started so yes we will.” He got up and surprisingly, he grabbed my right hand and whispered, “Smile before Miranda.”

And because I’m foolish, I smiled. When we passed Miranda, I saw her small mouth opened in shock; my fist would have fit there. I’m Japanese after all. It’s just natural to have a slim body. Leigh just looked at me, one eyebrow up but not scary at all. When we got out, he jerked his hand away from mine.

“Hey Japanese, we’re not even near at being friends. That was just an act ago. Everything is for Miranda to back off and for the team, got that? By the way thanks for the cooperation.” He reminded me.

“Don’t worry Nate; I’m not interested at all being your friend. Everything is for the team.” I lied. Truth is I really liked to be his friend. Everything is not for the team but to my hoping friendship with him too. How can there be such a guy? I just don’t understand him.

“I’ll just go and place some stuffs inside my locker. You go ahead.” And we parted. I went straight ahead to the cafeteria. There I saw Audrey and Courtney with other people; God is truly brilliant.

“Hey San, was history class hard for you? You were late than the others who had the same class with you.” Audrey teased.

“Well actually I learned the lesson back in Japan already. I had advanced studies you see. Something just popped up when I was about to go down but it’s not important.” The last sentence was a lie.

“Sit now San, I’d like you to meet our other friends. They’d be delighted to be your buddy!” Courtney as always was very cheerful and very excited.

“Hi there, my name is Eric Stan. I specialize in events organizing. I’m the head of the Design Club so whenever there’s an occasion, holiday, and party or ball here in school, we do the beautification. Maybe I could work with you.” Said a man wearing eyeglasses but very good-looking. He got a blond hair looking good at his wide-jawed face.

“Definitely I would work with you Eric. Nice meeting with you.” I shake his hands. His hands were pretty rough, well I can’t blame him. He must have carried big woods already.

“I’m Eric’s twin, Cedric Stan. I’m a chess master. I'm fine and you?” He really looked like Eric except that he has no glasses and he dyed his hair black. He was like the bad version of Eric but handsome still.

“Smart of you to dye your hair if that is to extinguish you from Eric. I believe now that you are a chess master.” I said by the thought that he did that not worrying if it would make him less attractive.

“Thanks. I’m actually with the same blond hair. But we wanted to be more of normal too so I dyed my hair black permanently. Good thing it didn’t affect my very handsome face.”

“Haha, yeah. Good thing!” I laughed back.

“Yo! April Evans, pleasure to meet you,” said a lady in blond hair with some streaks of pink highlights. She looked like Avril Lavigne except for the fact that she dresses better than the phenomenal singer. Maybe she’s a fan. I better not insult Avril Lavigne.

“My pleasure too Avril, I mean April.” Shoot. Kill me.

“You called me Avril? Wow, you just called me as my favourite singer. You do rock!”

“It’s not a problem. I just thought you really looked like her.” Stop speaking. The more you say something, the more you get mistakes so stop.

“Well thanks. Except that I don’t like her clothing. I prefer Mischa Barton’s taste in clothes.” April shared.

“Really? That’s cool. I like Keira Knightley the most. She looks like a pretty doll and I...” I stopped because I saw their faces a bit surprised. I even saw Miranda whispering something on a guy beside him while glaring at me. Was Keira that bad here? Then I felt someone patted my shoulder.

“Have to go now and say goodbye. I’m going to borrow her now. If you do mind, it is Mr. Crow’s order.”

Nathan Hale, the infamous sucker. When I was almost having fun with my same and old friends, such an interruption is quite unforgiving.

“I see you haven’t eaten anything yet. Let’s line up now ‘cause I wanna talk fast about the team and get away from...”

“Me? Don’t worry; I won’t talk about unnecessary things.” I snorted.

“Didn’t say anything,” he defended. I rolled my eyes as an answer.

“Hello kids, here’s your chicken.” An old lady said.

“Excuse me; did you put something in my sauce?” I asked politely.

“Nothing different dear.”

“O-okay. Thanks.”

I and Nate went to a free table. I was very hungry I started eating. I was about to dip my chicken on my sauce when...

“Stop. Let me taste first.” Nathan Ordered. I passed my sauce to him. He tasted it with his smallest finger and said, “too spicy. She must have put some wasabi here”

“Thanks, but how did you know I hate too spicy foods?” I asked very curious. I never told anyone about it yet here.

“Most girls don’t like it.” He shortly replied.

“But I was supposed to be an exception. I’m Japanese; you know that for sure.”

“I do forget too.” He defended his self.

“Okay. Let’s talk about volleyball now, captain.” I offered to stop the unnecessary talk.

“Right, You know now that we start every five in the afternoon. We end at 8 o’clock pm, sometimes later.” He was looking down busy eating.

“O my God!” I feel like getting crazy now.

“What?” He asked and looked at me. Then he shouted, “Montez! What the...”

“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to.” It was the guy with Miranda. Damn, he poured his sauce on me!

“Just go away Charles. Now!” Nate ordered him. He look frightened and backed away immediately.

“You have extra clothes?” Nate asked me, very concerned.

“If I knew this would happen, I would have but I’ve got none.”

“I’ll lend you then.”

to be continued

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