Sunday, May 31, 2009

chapter six: E-mail

I blushed. He's really a nice guy. Smiling like a kid when talking about the girl he likes for some years now. Somehow, I feel envious of this very lucky girl. If I were her, I will e-mail him every minute of the day.

Courtney and Audrey went to Biology Class while I was scheduled to be in History Class. There is a small table for every two students. I wonder who I'll be sharing with. Who's gonna be my seatmate? I just hope Miranda Vane won't be there. That would be very bad. O, that's her. She doesn't look like she's about to attend the same class with me. But who is that brunette girl she's whispering with? Ate they planning some kind of secret mission. I gotta hear some of it.

".......... keep an eye ............... seat ................... him ....................... girl........................" Miranda whispered, almost breathing except that there were some words.

Keep an eye? To whom? seat? who's seat? him? That would be Nathan. O, he's in my class again. Girl? God, don't tell me that's me. Don't; just don't let me be the one to sit next to him again.

"Mr. Braid, I'm new here. Where should I sit?" I pointed both of the two remaining seats. The other chair has a bag already so it must be occupied.

"That one belongs to Ms. Waltz. Please sit there nearest to the window." There again? I wonder why I always get to sit there. Never mind, I'll just get my things ready, I wonder to whom does this bag belongs. This gray backpack is somehow familiar. Maybe I saw it already during homeroom class.

"Sorry Mr. Braid, I helped Mr. Crow with the net. I hope I didn't miss anything." O, so there was Nathan Hale.

"No problem Mr. Hale. We were just about to start, now move along."

Where will he sit? I can't see any seat that was not been occupied yet except Waltz's and the seat beside... No! This isn't his...

"Do you really like seating beside me? I'm honored." Nathan teased.

"You should be." I quickly replied. I was agitated. I'm annoyed with myself 'cause I feel excited that we're seatmates again. But why? Yes, I'm just excited to tease him. Right!

"Hey Nathan, how was your vacation without your girlfriend?" I teasingly asked.

"I don't have any girlfriend, I'm not interested." He replied, kind of mad. But it felt like he was willing to answer my questions.

"Isn't Miranda Vane your girlfriend? O you're not interested, does that mean, your not straight?"

"She's not and I'm not interested to her. I'm straight. I like somebody, a girl."

"O, poor Miranda. Who's the unlucky girl?"

"You mean lucky. You don't need to know, she doesn't study here. We were classmates when we were in grade school but not anymore. She migrated and might never come back."

"O, I'm sorry. Well if you still like her, than you must have communication still. How? Through E-mail?"

"No we don't have. Don't be sorry, she's not dead. Or maybe she is."

"Hey, why do you think she's dead? 'Cause she's not replying to our e-mails anymore? Is that it?"

"No it's not. I told you, we never had any communication. I don't care; maybe she didn't really like me at all she didn't e-mail me. I gave her my address, you see."

"No, I did not see. I was in Japan how could I see?" I teased.

"Well yeah, but maybe you did."

"Impossible. Hey, you're quite a martyr. You got no contact with her but yet you still like her? How do you do that?"

"Easy, it's just that no one has appeared yet who can compare to her. She's unique above anyone else. She's just the girl I've seen with the most exotic qualities. She's my medicine."

I blushed. He's really a nice guy. Smiling like a kid when talking about the girl he likes for some years now. Somehow, I feel envious of this very lucky girl. If I were her, I will e-mail him every minute of the day. What's with that girl?

"Didn't know you were that cheesy but you really sounded... sweet." I grinned.

"O thanks." He muttered. He blushed when he heard sweet. He's really like a kid, just handsome, not cute.

"Hey does that girl have a big crush on you too?" I asked still looking at the brunette.

"Too? I didn't know you got a big crush on me. I'm flattered but you don't stand..."

"Shut up, I'm not referring to myself but to Miranda. Look" I glimpsed at him, his face saddened.

"O, where? Her? Crap. She's Leigh Woods, one of Miranda's friends."

"O yeah, I saw Miranda whispering something at her before I got in."

"Good chance. Will you just cooperate with me?" He pleaded.

"What?" I was confused.

"Smile." He ordered. And I smiled at him too.

"I can't wait for history to finish and lunch time to begin. You're dead, moron!"

"Right, I can't wait to be with you at lunch time Sanyu." He said louder so that Leigh Woods would hear it and hopefully report it to her master.

"Hey, yes she won't bother you but she will to me."

"O that would be for sure. You want me to talk to her?"

"Would she listen?"

"She will but I don't know if she'll act upon it. That might be impossible." He chuckled. I got mad and stepped on his foot.

"Aw!" He said, Mr. Braid almost looked at our way. "You're such a sweetie Sanyu."

"Yes I am"

bell.. bell.. bell..

"Now you're dead Nathan Hale!"

"Can't Wait Hyuuga, really I can't" He laughed, I began to laugh to because he was so captivating. Seeing him laughing, giggling, chuckling, smiling just makes me laugh, giggle, chuckle and smile too. Never was a moment of chagrin with him. Cool guy, cool friend. I hope he'll meet his girl soon. Maybe the two of them look cute. Someone interrupted our laughing moment. I and Nate looked at the one who disturbed us.

"Leigh! There you are. I'm excited, and I have many things to tell you! I think you owe me a lot of things too, right?"

Crap. Miranda Vane, the antagonist as always. God let me be lucky that she won't mess with me.

to be continued


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